Hopefully the nice weather will return and that means that I will be holding a monthly fashion photography workshop on location, which is super fun and I'm really looking forward to it.
 What is treated:
- Techniques: lighting situations on location (artificial and daylight/reflection shot and other tips and tricks), settings & experiment
- Conceptual work: how to make a series from a good concept, examples and then make it yourself.
- Storytelling, set design and putting together a series from a
- teaching models to pose/working with models
concept are the most important parts of the on-site workshop.
As soon as you register, you will receive 3 topics from which you can choose to come up with a concept around them and create your mood board that you will take with you to the workshop day.
What to bring: 
- Camera
- Mood board
- Possibly your own flash/reflection screen (which suits your concept
- Tripod (not required)
- clothes for you concept
During the workshop you will work with models to develop your concept under my guidance.
The cost of the workshop is
60,- euro
Do you want to register? send me an email or a text message. and who knows, I might see you at my fashion workshop!
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