We start at 10:00 in the studio to shoot portraits. Last time we were instructed to bring an image of a self-portrait and a still life to check it out. The end result was successful!
13:30 we went back to the studio. For still life we had chosen an avocado with glasses full of water to get crazy shapes. We also made something extra with lemon. We came up with this idea by photographer: Suzanne Saroff. She's done a lot of stuff like this.
Portrait with example
This has become the end result. You really see a good difference if you change the background and the light is less harsh.
Which do you like best? let me know on my instagram: @Jasmijnvandort
Still life
We got this idea from photographer Suzanne Saroff. She makes even more of these kinds of images, which actually look quite interesting. So we tried to imitate this, which is great fun and that's why we also used lemons as an extra.... .
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