We start at 13:30 this time only the afternoon class full of work discussions.​​​​​​​ 3 dozen CB-M1 -SO.Eigen straat CB-M1 - SO.Medestudent CB-M1 - SO.Naakt CB-M1 (see lesson 1 for more photos) We also immediately received some information before the next lesson about what we will be doing in the studio all day and of course we also received a new assignment that we had to carry out. Erotiek CB-M1​​​​​​​ (eroticism is already on my website under work/naked)
SO.Medestudent CB-M1
You have two commands that you really need to complete for this assignment.

1. From the house itself with the fellow student himself as an extra.
2. A portrait of the student Filling the image with the light that suits that person.
3. Make at least 2 images that are different from the rest but do fit into the series as a fellow student.
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