Today we start again at 10:00 with a morning lesson. We went in the morning Accent CB-M1 - Zelfportret 1 CB-M1 discuss. (See Lesson 1 for photos) the assignments were both approved. We also immediately received three new assignments to make this module 1. So we will get back to work with these assignments at home. As an extra, we also received a written evaluation to make it.
Sequenties CB-M1
We had to do the work: design and photograph, based on the work of Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski, three sequences in which you use yourself in the images to be created; you (or your shadow) enter the picture yourself. I think it worked out well.
Bijzondere foto CB-M1
We had to choose a chair as a subject and take a special photo of it.
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